Our Staff

With offices in 2 locations, Savannah, and Atlanta. We take pride in the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our staff members and emphasizing a client-first mentality. Our staff will ensure that we understand your needs fully, and collectively agreeing on the scope of services you desire is first and foremost. At the onset of our client relationships, we assign an internal client representative whose role is to ensure our client’s needs and expectations are met through frequently scheduled meetings.

Mike Scribner, Principal

Founder of SHP, Mike is a graduate of University of MS, holds a Masters in Accounting, and has 20 years of experience in healthcare. He’s experienced in hospital finance, managed care, business office operations, and strategic planning.

Email: MScribner@shpllc.com

John Crew, Principal

Founder of SHP, John W. Crew is a graduate of Valdosta State University and has over 25 years of experience in healthcare. He is experienced in ACO formation and management, IPA/PHO formation and management, managed care, and development of ancillary revenue streams.

Email: JCrew@shpllc.com


Kelly Mooney – VP of Managed Care KMooney@shpllc.com

Lara Blauth – Director of Contracting LBlauth@shpllc.com

Angela Sloggy – Senior Information Manager ASloggy@shpllc.com

IPA Services

Kelly Mooney – VP of Managed Care KMooney@shpllc.com

Angela Sloggy – Senior Information Manager ASloggy@shpllc.com

Ami Patel – IPA Client Representative APatel@shpllc.com

Melissa Gibbs – IPA Credentialing MGibbs@shpllc.com

Stephanie Gibbs – IPA Credentialing SGibbs@shpllc.com

Population Health

Jason Crosby – VP Network Integration & Strategic Planning JCrosby@shpllc.com

Tyler Barnett – Population Health Analyst  TBarnett@shpllc.com

Business Development

Jason Crosby – VP Network Integration & Strategic Planning JCrosby@shpllc.com

Trina Shugart – Network & Market Research Coordinator TShugart@shpllc.com

Jessica Thomas – Business Development Manager jthomas@shpllc.com

Business Operations

Lorrie Ingram – VP of Business Operations LIngram@shpllc.com

Karyn Koch – Executive Assistant KKoch@shpllc.com

Heather McKnight – Executive Assistant HMcKnight@shpllc.com

Megan Scribner – Administrative Assistant MeScribner@shpllc.com


Raquel Grizzard – Credentialing Manager RGrizzard@shpllc.com

Melissa Gibbs – Enrollment Coordinator MGibbs@shpllc.com

Stephanie Gibbs – Enrollment Coordinator SGibbs@shpllc.com

Decision Support

Janey Marsan – VP of Data Analytics JMarsan@shpllc.com

Betsy Perkins – Data Analyst BPerkins@shpllc.com

Chris Campion – Data Analyst CCampion@shpllc.com

Sam Hicks – Junior Analyst SHicks@shpllc.com

Client Representatives

Kimberly Varner – Lead Client Representative KVarner@shpllc.com

Kacie McElveen – Client Representative KMcelveen@shpllc.com

Charmaine Benjamin – Junior Client Representative cbenjamin@shpllc.com

Community Service Boards

Robyn Garrett VP, Government & Public Affairs, (SHP)
Executive Director, (GACSB)

Lyly Trinh – GACSB Member Coordinator LTrinh@shpllc.com

John Powell – Health Policy Associate JPowell@shpllc.com

If you have any questions regarding prospective services please contact: Jason Crosby at 912-691-5711 ext. 322